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  • Continuous casting

    ~ Universal alloy
    ~ Favourable price-performance ratio
    ~ Suitable for laser welding


    Technical specification

    vickers hardness (HV 1) 549
    density (g/cm3) 8.3
    tensile strength (N/mm2) 675
    0.2-yield strength (N/mm2) 441
    elongation limit A5 (%) 9.3
    modulus of elasticity (N/mm2) 197,000
    liquidus point (°C) 1,400
    solidus point (°C) 1350
    casting temperature (°C) 1,600


    Composition in %

    chrome 29
    cobalt 63
    molybdenum 6
    further elements below 1% C, Fe, Si, Mn
  • Brand: Shera

    Casting Ring Liner

    Asbestos free. Extra thick and soft therefore it absorbs expansion well. Ceramic fibre which is resistant to very high temperatures. Contact with water or steam does not influence its physical or thermal characteristics.

    ~ 50 x 1mm
    ~ Box 25 metres